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Please fill out the reservation form here. We will give a confirmation as soon as possible.

Call us for questions: 073-6363636

You have your own cab and does not share it with others. Private, luxurious and very comfortable !


Due to the work at Schiphol, it is very difficult to get together as usual. That is why we advise you to pick up a ride from Schiphol via the STA counter, which goes smoothly. 

This way we can avoid long waiting times. 

The fee of the STA counter is € 7.50 (see surcharge)

Reserveringen Engels

Reserveringen Engels


Airport transportation

It is possible to choose both options!
Bezig met versturen


Bus fee is 4 to 8 pers. €25,-
If you are less than 24 hours in advance with your booking you are charged € 25, – per booking.
At the standard rate is 1 suitcase + 1 hand luggage per person. For excess baggage or carry-on baggage we charge € 5, – each ride.
For oversized baggage such as surfboards, golf bags, folding bicycles and folding wheelchairs we charge € 10, – each ride.
For each additional address within 10 kilometers we charge € 9, – for each additional kilometer we charge € 1, – (distance is calculated by us)
For all public holidays we charge a surcharge of € 50 per holiday – per trip.

Note! About reservation A2Taxi

A2Taxi is a part of the services of our company. We also offer special conditions for business use of the taxi business airport transportation, group transportation or use of limousine taxi.

If you are leaving for less than 24 hours of making a reservation, it is recommended that you contact us through telephone!

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